Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Ride Up? Check. Wedgie Free? Check. Easier to Sort? Check Check. Prevents Boys From Grabbing Their Man Parts? Ummmm....

I'm too busy to review things these days. Yep. Too busy. Not enough time in the day, people. Oh - hang on. Was that a Hanes campaign? Oooh, girls, sign me UP. Sign me up and send those socks and underwear my way.

And so they did. The good people at Hanes and Parent Blogger Network have generously allowed our family to test run their line of socks and underwear for girls and boys.
And did we test run the heck out of these babies.

First, here is the normal state of the "sock bin" at Casa Get in the Car...

Sad, isn't it. What if...what if there were socks that were slightly easier to match? The girls would have cute pink toe boxes and the boys would have blue ones. And then my sock bin would look like this....
Okay, I'm not there. Yet. But Hanes has some great products. We reviewed the Hanes Girls’ No Ride Up Panty with their Comfort Fit Promise (and they have those handy printed labels instead of tags, which irritates so many kids), the Boys No Ride Up Brief, the Boys No Gap Fly Boxers, and the best part (for mom) their Shaped To Fit Ankle Socks for Girls & Boys.

When my youngest daughter wears skirts, she wants full coverage of her booty area. This is where the Hanes Briefs come in very handy. She has comfort, no wedgies (for real. No. Wedgies.), and doesn't give a second thought to her panties all day.

When she wears jeans, it's a totally different story. Any mom with girls over the age of six months knows that jeans only come in the low rider/hipster/where the heck is the zipper it's only an inch long variety. Which means normal panties stick over the waist band of the jeans. So. Not. Cool. Mom.

With the Hanes bikini panties - Chloe was covered and still cool in her jeans. Enough coverage to make me happy, lower fit to make her not humiliated enough to die a thousand deaths, OMG.

As for my son - he wore the bejeezus out of the socks. We have dark wood floors in our house, which means sticky dirty kid feet tend to make an impression on them. Hence, my "socks on the feet at all times" rule while in the house. Unfortunately, this also means that my kids invariably run outside with their socks on...and no shoes...and the socks end up looking like this in a few days:

We've been wearing the Hanes socks non-stop for the past few weeks and not a hole in sight.

In addition to no holes, Jacob has been sporting the most adorable boxer shorts just like his dad - which he loves. But when he's wearing jeans or tighter fitting shorts, the briefs we tried out were well-fitting, and again, wedgie free.

So, a Hanes mom I am, and will continue to be. And with a family of six, that's a lot of Hanes.


Sarcasta-Mom said...

Go Hanes go! I know that's what we buy in our house. My son loves the boxer briefs :)

Beck said...

Good stuff. And your post linking to this? Hilarious!

Diva Ma said...

I need some of those socks! Son #2 can't wear a sock without coming home with holes!