Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Nose Knows

I was so made for this product. No, not because my nose is too dainty to have issues (dainty my nose ain't), but because I am something of a germaphobe, and yet I place myself in the most germ infested places all the time. It's a necessary byproduct of having four children.

So when the folks at Parent Bloggers told us about Nozin, I was in.

Before my Nozin came, I started to rethink things. What if I had to spray stuff in my nose? That's pretty gross. Actually, doubly gross for me, since I had an aunt growing up that was constantly spraying crap up her nose. That's not exactly fluffy kittens and unicorns for most kids. So when the Nozin came, I opened it and found...ta dah! Swabs. How great is that? And not only swabs, but swabs that come in a neat case, streamlined enough to fit into a wallet, if you are so inclined.

The theory behind the Nozin is this. By swabbing the area (your nose) right where germs enter to infect us, you're reducing your risk of contracting an illness. It's not always feasible to wash your hands as often as you need to, and Nozin works for hours at a time. It's not an antibiotic, so you're not helping create the next super resistant germ, but it does contain plant extracts with an anti-virucidal quality.

So. I did not spray, but I did lightly swab in and around my nostril. Then I headed to the gym, which is a petri dish with treadmills. Between the humid locker rooms, the nursery full of kids, and the closed quarters of the cardio rooms, I'm sure that place is a candy store to the folks over at the CDC. Obviously I can't say if it prevented an illness, but it did prevent one thing. Instead of taking in the awesome corn chip essence of the ladies locker room, I smelled only a nice orange scent. Now that's worth the price of admission right there.

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Why did I not know you were here?! Duh. Great stuff girl!